Timelapse Photography: Bringing Landscapes to Life

A timelapse is a video in which the passage of time has been sped up to compress several minutes or hours of time into a few seconds or minutes. It is created from many individual photographs taken at a set interval which could be a few seconds or minutes apart. Each photograph then becomes one frame of the timelapse video. Timelapse is an engaging medium through which to capture the subtle changes and moods of a landscape. Static landscape photographs are spectacularly brought to life, allowing the viewer to observe the dynamism and majesty of our ever-changing world. 

We can produce timelapses for commercial and non-commercial organisations in a variety of file formats and resolutions (up to 8K video). Typical uses are for publicity, tourism, documentaries and nature films. Browse through our Timelapse Gallery for links to our individual timelapse sequences. All of these are available for licence, and most are 4K resolution.

Our timelapse sequences have featured most recently in BBC Northern Ireland's 4-part series, Chronicles of Mourne (2018), Dokyu (2019), FujiTV (Japan), and Channel Five's Adrian's Dunbar's Coastal Ireland (2021). Below are links to some examples of our timelapse film work.

Windows onto the Universe: Astrophotography on Tenerife and La Palma

This short timelapse video shot with a PentaxK1 camera, highlights some of the amazing locations we visited during our astrophotography phototour of Tenerife and La Palma in the Canary Islands. Why not join us there for a stellar adventure? Booking details can be found on our tours page 


Mourne Moods: A Timelapse Journey Through the Kingdom of Mourne

This timelapse video, which featured in the Irish Post and Belfast Telegraph which described it as 'spectacular', was shot over 18 months and aims to capture the subtleties of the changing seasons and weather on the landscapes of the Kingdom of Mourne in County Down, Northern Ireland. Shot using Pentax K5-iis and K1 cameras in conjunction with a Syrp genie, magic carpet slider and mini-genie.


A Timelapse Journey Through County Wicklow, Ireland

County Wicklow has been dubbed 'The Garden of Ireland'. Shot over a twelve month period, this stunning timelapse video captures the beauty of the changing seasons from the seashore to the wild heart of the mountains. Shot using Pentax K5-iis and K1 cameras in conjunction with a Syrp genie, magic carpet slider and mini-genie.